Retirement Homes. Nuances

Family values are of course, good and important, however sometimes it is necessary to fight the stereotypes concerning this question as well. For example, for some reason, it is accustomed to condemn those who settle their elderly relatives into the elderly boarding homes. Meanwhile, it is a display of care, than a sign of indifference. In such a way, the wards of the retirement homes claim that staying there is as comfortable as their sweet home.

Anthonia Akitunde from the in her article showed the peculiarities of modern retirement homes.

Off The Grid: Wayne And Margy Lutz Find A Retirement Home In A Floating Cabin

Who here hasn’t thought about the pleasures of going off the grid — the concept of removing oneself from the trappings of modern society, Thoreau-like, in favor of something a little simpler?

Wayne and Margy Lutz — 65 and 63 respectively — did more than just think about it when they pulled up stakes from their home in Los Angeles and moved to British Columbia in 2001. But it’s not so much their remote location that makes the Lutzs’ off-the-grid life interesting. It’s their house: a 675-square-foot floating cabin on Powell Lake in Powell River, B.C.

“We both lived in the city all our life,” said Margy Lutz, a former educational administrator. “We just wanted something very different.”

The couple has a well-documented love for the outdoors and adventure: It’s actually how they met. Read the full article here…

What is the main difference between a good retirement home for elderly people from a services for example, of an invalid tender? In fact, the possible nuances are enourmous, but the main is as follows: the possibility of a full-fledged communication of elderly individuals. As the psychologists claim that with aging people require not only the high-quality care and tasty food, but the possibility to communicate, to recall the past, to share their memories with someone.

Kayleigh Kulp in the article shows some of the modern ways to retire.

Ahoy matey, more folks retiring on a cruise ship

Jack and Willi Ross swapped their Vancouver, British Columbia, single-family home for a smaller apartment so they could travel most of the year. Their most recent journey? A 180-day trip with Oceania Cruises.

“The cost of living was, in some ways, cheaper,” compared with home, said Jack Ross. The 78-year-old Ross said medical care, fine dining, laundry and internet service were included in his cruise fare. (Rates for Oceania’s 2017 around-the-world cruise start at about $40,000, but it’s now 2-for-1, including first-class roundtrip airfare.)

Prices similar to land living

The Rosses aren’t alone. More people are cruising now than ever before, with 24 million passengers expected to set sail this year, compared with 15 million 10 years ago, according to the Cruise Lines International Association. About a quarter of those are 60- to 74 years old, and another quarter are 50 to 59. Read the full article here…

The following video demonstrates which services are provided in the retirement homes.

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