Create Room In Your Aparment

We all know people that have cluttered living spaces. These spaces may include having closets that are over filled with things that are not used daily.

There are many ways to create room in your residence. Most people would automatically assume they need to sell things or throw them away.

That is not the answer. With these 5 simple storage tips from Storage Bondi Junction website, you can keep all of your most loved items. Follow these 5 tips and you will be on your way to having a more clutter free living space.


declutter living room


1. Holiday Items – Move Out!

There are many items that go along with the holidays. You may have Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and/or Thanksgiving items. These are always used once a year.

Consider finding a self-storage unit to house these items until they are needed again.

2. Furniture – Move out!

There can be a number of reasons to store unused furniture. One of the main reasons to store furniture that is not used any more is if you have moved from large living quarters to a smaller living quarters.

For example: If you used to live in a 4 bedroom apartment and/or house and have downgraded to a 2 bedroom, then you could store the other 2 rooms of furniture in a storage unit.

3. Clothing – Move Out!

There are items of clothing that can be put away in storage according to the seasons. Sometimes there are articles of clothing that everyone knows goes with seasons. For example:

There is no reason to have a turtle neck sweater in your closet when it is summer time – just like there is no reason to have open flip flops in your closet in the winter. Pack them up and make room.

3. Memories of Youth – Move Out!

Sometimes people have reminders of their childhood that they want to hold on to because they have sentimental value.

If there is something that is a must keep in the residence with you ( for example a teddy bear that comforts you, then keep it!) The rest of the items can go into the storage unit to have more room.

5. Old Sources of Pleasure – Move Out!

There may just be some things that you feel have worn you out and or you may have overused them.

In that case, in sort through the things that you feel you would want to keep around then move the rest to make more room!

Follow these 5 tips and you will be on your way to clutter free living!