Common Detective Interview Questions

Police officers who want to move up through the ranks and become detectives should emphasize certain characteristics during the job interview. Interviewers will ask you to give examples that highlight the direct experience you’ll bring to the job. Talk about the times during your service in patrol that you assisted in an investigation, and how your input was used to close the case.

“This checklist is a resource for investigators and is meant to provide a refresher on the things to think about before you begin the interview process. Interviews make or break an investigation and you need to make the most of every interview.” Read more … 

Common Interview Questions to Become a Detective

Depending on the particular job, they may conduct background checks, search for missing persons, perform surveillance on cheating spouses or investigate crimes. When you interview for a detective position, anticipate questions that relate directly to the job duties and its difficulties. Being a detective is a difficult job that requires specific skills, and you will need to demonstrate that you are better-equipped for the work than other candidates.

“When preparing for the interview, it is important for the applicant to identify potential questions that are likely to be asked and practice their responses. While the interview process is different for every department, many ask some of the same basic questions.  No list can be comprehensive, many of the most common questions asked during an interview.” Read more

One white lie could cost you your job. So, be prepared, be honest and be confident. Then there is no candidate out there who will do better than you at the interview. Here you can read Common Interview Questions.