Insurance Claims

Nowadays very often almost every of us can face different situations when our property damages, even the property that was insured. The fact of property damaging is very sad itself, and when the insurance company refuses to reimburse the expenses, it is twice an unpleasant situation. And such events occur frequently. For example, Simon Leo Brown from the resource demonstrates the cases of denied insurance claims in his article.

Mental As: BeyondBlue calls on insurance industry to work with them on life, travel and income claims

Too many people are being denied insurance because of a history of mental illness, BeyondBlue says.

BeyondBlue CEO Georgie Harman said people who sought help for a mental health condition could encounter trouble when claiming or applying for life insurance, income protection or travel insurance.

She told 774 ABC Melbourne’s Rafael Epstein that BeyondBlue had collected “many, many case studies” where people had been denied cover, had claims denied or had broad exclusions applied to their policies because of a current or past mental health condition.

“They have filled in their application form for travel insurance, and they may have gone to see a marriage councillor 10 years ago,” Ms Harman said. Read the full article here…

Many people are trying to get their insurance. They just plan some different destructions for their insured property, that is their houses, cars, shops, etc. They want some easy money instead of some legal ways of making money. The insurance companies can insure themselves as well. They do not satisfy such claims if the damage was caused intentionally. The in its article evidently shows such a case.

Alabama Couple Accused of Burning Down Home to Claim Insurance

Authorities say a man and a woman face felony charges after setting their house on fire and then trying to claim insurance for all of their belongings.

Police detective Rick Whitfield tells The Birmingham News the couple’s belongings had been moved elsewhere prior to the blaze.

Whitfield says 45-year-old Donna McCullars and 43-year-old Steven Millwood were taken into custody Friday by Adamsville police. Both are charged with second-degree arson and first-degree insurance fraud. Read the full article here…

The next video shows how it is possible to file a property damage claim after an accident.

If you experience the situation when your insured property was damaged not because of you, of course, it is necessary to address to your insurance company. There can be situations when the insurance company won’t believe you and can refuse you to reimburse the expenses. To prove that it is you who is right, you might apply for help of professional attorney of such cases. If you need to dispute an insurance claim, apply for help the professionals.

Hope the provided materials were helpful to you. Now you are aware what to do in case of some cases of property damage.